How to Start Forex Trading without Investment

    If you don’t have an initial investment for starting Forex I believe it better to know how to start forex trading without investment. But if you expect high returns without investment, it will never happen. To get high returns you have to deposit a lot of money.

    Of course, it is possible to engage in foreign exchange transactions without investment but not make a lot of money at once. For one thing, without investment, you get money not from the foreign exchange market but from brokers.

    This will allow you to not only trade without investment but also have a good experience in the forex market. If you do not have a large or small amount of money to invest in forex trading, you can do so by studying this carefully.

    I have given you some important facts about it below, check it out and get an understanding of how to start forex trading without investment and make a profit.

    Actually How to Start Forex Trading without Investment.

    1. Choosing a free Forex trading account
    2. Affiliate program
    3. Contests program

    Choosing a free Forex trading account

    You have the opportunity to get a free account and engage in foreign exchange transactions. You can open a free account by choosing a broker who offers bonuses as well as special offers.


    Founded in 2009 and it is regulated by CYSec and It is great for beginners because they provide good educational videos and demo account facilities. In addition, you can trade over 700 instruments and also gives special bonus offers for new clients.


    Founded in 2008 and it is regulated by CYSec and VFSC. Nordfx gives MT4 and MT5 facilities and also they offer 30 currency pairs, the other one is provided special offers for new clients.

    Affiliate program

    If you want to make money in foreign exchange without any investment, you can do so through the affiliate program.

    This method is becoming very popular nowadays. You can do this successfully without using your money and you can make money without trading.

    All you have to do is advise new traders on how to choose a good broker to deal with the forex market. This will allow you to earn a bonus. You can do this by doing a good review of brokers for new traders.

    You will get a fee from the brokers if traders registered under the referral link, and you can use that money to make trading if you want. To do this, you must first connect with a broker and open an account.

    So if you run affiliate programs like this, you will have the opportunity to earn money without any investment. It will be easier for you if you do this on your own website or blog.


    Most brokers hold open contests for real and demo accounts for everyone. The nature of this competition is to give a real account to the people who earn the most in a short period of time.

    Then you will be able to get the amount of money you earned. In addition, you can get some more benefits from this. You will not get real money first but the person who wins at the end of the competition will get real money.

    You can use this money to invest in foreign exchange transactions. Because you do not need to risk money.